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About us

Meet our staff!

Heather Clark


Grades 5th – 10th
Bachelor’s of English and Secondary Education
TOEFL Certification

Diane Jeon


Grades 5th – 10th
Bachelor’s of Legal Studies with Minor in English
Master of Philosophy

Justina Kwon

Teacher-Bible, ELL

Bible I, English Language Learner, Axis, Tribe
Bachelor’s of Public Administration
Master of Divinity

Jon Dickey

Teacher-1st and 2nd Grade

Bachelor’s of Media Production
TESOL Certification

Andrew Murray

Teacher-3rd and 4th Grade

Bachelor’s of Psychology

Seoyoung Je


Grades 1st – 10th
Bachelor’s of Fine Arts–Studio Art with Minor in Psychology

Alvin Lee

Teacher-Physical Education

Grades 1st – 10th
Personal Trainer

Matthew Miller

Teacher, STEM Director

Bible III, Bible II, STEM I and III, Science Grades 5th and 6th
Bachelor’s of Nuclear Engineering Technology
Master of Business Administration – Information Systems

Seungyeon Lee


STEM II, Science 8th Grade, Chemistry
Bachelor’s of Bio-Medical Engineering

Youjin Lee

Teacher-Math, A-Level, AP

Grades 1st, 2nd and 5th, Algebra II
Bachelor’s of Mathematics

Soy Byun

Teacher-Math, AP, A-Level, IB

Grades 3rd and 4th, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I
Bachelor’s of Mathematics and Architectural Engineering
Master of Mathematics Education and Architectural and Environmental System of Engineering

Chiachen (Jane) Lu


Grades 1st – 10th
Bachelor’s of Chinese Literature
Master of Education in Learning, Media, and Technology

JiYoung Yoo

Head of School

Bachelor’s of English Literature
Master of Linguistics (Graduation to be 2021)

Kim Miller

Teacher-L2, Assistant Head of School

Liberating Leaders Grades 9th-12th
Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with Minor in Psychology
Master of Science in Management

Sunny Yoo


Bachelor’s of Education

Anna Kong

College Counselor

Bachelor’s of Performing Arts
Master of Divinity

Jooyeon Kim

Director of Business Affairs

Bachelor’s of Chinese Language and Literature