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Leadership program – The Framework/L2 Here is What We Want to Build Into Our Students…

The Framework

Is a set of core qualities and emerging attributes that we intentionally instill and develop in our students – in academics, athletics, arts and spiritual formation. When our students possess these qualities and attributes in increasing measure they will be well equipped to thrive and influence for Christ in an ever-changing world.

Liberating Leader (L2)

We have developed a 4-year leadership program that our students participate in as a member of our school called”L2,”which stands for Liberating Leader. We define a Liberating Leader as someone who fights for the highest good of others.

We have partnered with Giant Worldwide to write this leadership curriculum for our students. Giant Worldwide is a global company dedicated to leadership transformation through intentional apprenticeship. They implement a Leadership Operating System to help build better leaders, increase team performance, and create thriving organizations where everyone can bring their best. They have worked with dozens of government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and various organizations like Georgia Power, the Jaynes Corporation, and Huhtamaki. We are currently the only high school in America that Giant has partnered with to create executive-level leadership training for young adults. And Providence is the only School which Giant has partnered with.

This program touches every part of our school and includes far more than just a class. But every student is required to take our L2 class as a student. Details about the specific levels in the course, which you will see on their transcript, are included below.

L2 (9th Grade): Self-Awareness

We guide our students through a process of knowing themselves so that they can lead themselves using three tools.

·The 7 Foundational Tools

·The 5 Gears – How to be present and productive when there is never enough time

·The 5 Voices – the Voices system is an assessment designed to help students discover their leadership voice and lead others through it

2L2 – Year 2 (10th Grade): Alignment and Capacity

Students begin to think about their picture of an ideal future and their place in making it happen with 2 semester-long units.

Alignment – a process where they write a personal Vision and Mission statement. They are asked to align the things they do today to the picture of an ideal future that they would like to see in 1O years.

Capacity – students learn a series of tools that help them explore their potential and the things that may hold them back. They study apprenticeship, which includes inviting mentors into key areas of their lives as well as beginning the process of mentoring a younger student.

3L2 – Year 3 (11th Grade): Entrepreneurial Economics

All students take a course on the Economics of Entrepreneurship designed by the FEE (The Foundation for Economic Education).This course is designed to help students discover the value of entrepreneurship and the importance of strong character in a free and civil society. This course increases their chances for success with practical education about entrepreneurship, markets, and an economical way of thinking. As a part of this class, students put what they are learning into action by starting and running their own business.

4L2 – Year 4 (12th Grade): Internship

Students spend the entire year participating in an internship program we have designed with area local businesses. This internship is an exposure track to expose them to multiple parts of a business. They will get a hands-on education of the components of business, including sales, supply chain, marketing, human resources, finance, and logistics.